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About Us contains a lot of valuable information on the latest trends, news and games within the world of online casinos, but does not provide online gambling services. All the games listed here are available only in fun mode and do not have the option of being played with real money on this website. If you, as a visitor, decide to register with an online casino and try the games there in real money mode, please be advised that playing responsibly is the only proven path to having an ultimate fun. Enjoy responsibly and good luck!

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Our guarantee

You can be sure that we guarantee in everything written in this place. We guarantee that every casino review is based on data-driven research and the expert knowledge of our authors, and that our editorial teams write up-to-date, honest and independent news.

Not only with our test reports, but also with all other elements, our team is passionate and professional. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands wherever you are on our site.

The legal situation surrounding gambling is constantly changing around the world and our news team follows these developments to keep you up to date. You can rest assured that the casinos we recommend from around the world have valid licenses from reputable jurisdictions. Casinos that do not comply with applicable laws and regulations are blacklisted by us.

We Care

More than 1.6 billion people gamble worldwide and for most people gambling is purely an amusement pastime. However, for some, the fun of playing can also become bitterly serious and, in the worst case, lead to gambling addiction.

Are you betting more money than you have at your disposal? Do you chase losses? Does gambling make you feel stressed and worried? Get advice from these organizations. Please only play for fun.

Our principles

… think of the players first
… shares his passion and expertise
… must remain absolutely independent
… must earn your trust

  1. we survey users to identify key information
  2. we conduct field and user research
  3. we work with the feedback of our readers
  4. we have a large customer service department
  5. we only help the players with our information, not the casinos