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All appropriate measures are taken to secure your personal information. If by any accident things outside our control happen, such as unauthorized access to our computer system, including unauthorized access to our servers, unauthorized disclosure of staff from current and previous staff members, malware, viruses or any other computer problems, we will not be held liable. If there is a request from an authority, such as a court of law or any law enforcement officers, we would be obliged to share any information, regarding your IP address used to access our website, to protect ourselves against fraud or malicious access to our servers.

Underage visitors

This website content is not appropriate for users of age below 18 and we try in any possible way to prevent such persons from accessing this website and its content. If we have the grounds to suspect a visitor of this website is under 18 years old, we reserve the right to immediately restrict access and delete all data related to such visitor.


Usually we collect email (only in the cases when one is provided purposefully by the visitors themselves), IP address, browser type and language and date of birth (only if provided by visitors themselves and mainly to confirm their age being above 18 years. We collect this data via:

  • Cookies – Cookeies help us tailor our website or parts of it so that it matches your profile in terms of geo (language) preferences, device type, products or services that you seem to show most interest, etc. Thanks to cookies the second time you enter this site we’ll know that it’s you and will try to show only the most relevant content in convenient and suitable way.
  • SSL – We are securing the latest and provably best possible way to secure the connection between your device (laptop, desktop pc, tablet, mobile device) and our website. We do this by Secure Socket Layers (SSL)