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Responsible Gaming

Online gaming is fun and entertaining, but sometimes can become dangerously addictive. As an informative website we always promote our basic and most important advice to all players

The ultimate and only way to have unspoiled fun and thrill is to play responsibly

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Games as a way of having fun, not a way of life

Looking at casino games as a way to get rich is not a correct approach and often leads to negative emotions which can ruin the whole experience. Games must be taken only as a way to spend some free time and enjoy oneself with impressive effects, graphics, dealers.

Players must gamble with funds they feel comfortable with potentially losing. Anything beyond this will definitely make the whole experience unpleasant and changes the perception of gaming.

Point of change

Once a player feels the eagerness to bet more and starts to feel the winning is closer and closer, this is a clear indication for problematic, irresponsible gaming. This often leads to gambling with funds which are out of affordable limits. In this case the best practice is to stop for some time and read some articles on the subject. A lot of useful and helpful information can be found at:

Available there is also a live chat, where visitors can share their problems and receive adequate help and advices.

Long playing sessions is also an indication for potential bothersome gaming habits. Once player starts to feel fatigue from playing this is a clear indication for stopping this very moment. Games will be there the next day and the day after the next. Very long sessions usually lead to considerable losses and mess up with the fun of the whole experience.

Another sign that a player must reconsider her/his responsible gaming is the increasing number of bet sizes. Starting with X and during the session making it X+, X+++, XX speaks about “angry” play and attempts to recover from losses. This is natural, however it is the most wrong approach one can take and again – it gets players far away from recreational play and pleasant experience.

We advise all our visitors to carefully read all this information and have in mind the main indicators for potentially problematic game style.


Once again, the only way to have a truly joyful experience and enjoy the game without any pressure is to know your limits, to be able to detect any indication early enough and to play responsibly.

Very useful tools for helping players play responsibly can be found in almost any licensed and well reputable online casinos. Such are setting deposit limits on daily, weekly or monthly basis, setting total budget for certain period of time or temporarily self-excluding from the respective casino. Information on all of these is usually displayed in account settings and also upon request, once player contacts customer support.