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Crypto and Casinos

Posted at: 11/12/2021

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Two exciting worlds combined. Online casinos have been around for more than 20 years now and although they come up with stunning innovations every month, the massive audience probably tend to look in other directions. Well, if one tries to analyze the main drivers behind these two worlds, the similarities are more than obvious.

Online entertainment

The main and most solid reason behind users’ decision to visit an online casino is obviously the natural search for entertainment and having fun. A fundamental contributor to this is the chance for winning money.

N.B.! As often advised the chase for win by no means should be the main driver for playing casino games.

Yes, this chance is real, and this is the beauty of the experience. One may win and the sober understanding that it’s only a chance is what makes the experience so exciting. The emotion is purest when it comes together with the understanding that actually it’s more likely that a winning will not happen, rather than the opposite.

Crypto trading as a form of entertainment?

That’s right! This is the common between these two passions, which combined together are enjoying a fan base of more than billion people worldwide. Trading with crypto currencies, of course, may also be considered as a form of investment or management of personal assets. However, in the vast majority of the cases, it’s always more like a hobby and just “trying it to have some fun”. Today they bitcoin is up 27%, tomorrow it’s down 31, and on Sunday it’s booming again. Sounds like the ups and downs in a slot game? Most definitely.

So, it’s not a wonder why, according to some research, considerable percentage of crypto traders are also casino players.

It’s easy to identify the common motives in both activities.

  • A chance to win real money
  • Ups and downs
  • Thrill

Along with similarities come a lot of solid differences though. While some casino games like online slots require no skills at all, in crypto trading usually the more competent and aware the “the player” is the higher chance of winning. (proper timing for sale).

(At least on theory. In reality there have been so many cases of theoretically improbable price fluctuations, that make even a casino game may seem more predictable.)

How online casino and crypto passion can be combined?

Smart entrepreneurs out there have already created solutions for this in various ways. There are online casinos which offer games, entirely created on block chain principle.

Additionally, players can enjoy casino games which resemble crypto trading. You just need to choose correct timing for buy and sell and depending on price difference a winning or losing can happen. Just like in the actual trading process of trading with crypto currencies.

Last, but not least many casinos already offer depositing options via crypto currencies. It’s usually an easy and transparent process of transferring crypto funds from the wallet in which you hold them to the cashier in your casino account. Depending on how busy the blockchain is the transaction happens from instantly to up to 30-40 minutes.

A good example of reputable crypto-centered casino with rich variety of games and smooth crypto depositing options is BitStarz casino.

In summary

Online casinos and crypto trading do have a lot of common. They are both forms of online entertainment which combines thrill and chance of winning. No matter if you decide to try one, the other or both, we strongly advice to apply the approach of looking at it mostly as having fun (unless you are a dedicated crypto trader with solid knowledge and solid ambitions). Best recipe for ultimate fun is to spend as much as you can comfortably afford to lose.

Never forget to play (or trade, or both) responsibly!