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No Deposit Free Spins

Posted at: 27/10/2021

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Among all online casino fans there’s common passion called free spins! It’s one of the sweetest things in the gambling world. Since there are several types of free spins and different slots that offer them, let us try make a really simple explanation on what this is all about.

What are Free spins?

Whenever you play a slot game, you need to “pay” for every spin. This is the bet size you usually see down there in the slot screen. It is a subject to player’s choice and usually can vary between 0.10$ to 50$. So, when you can have a spin for free, this is called a Free spin. As simple as that. It is still a valid spin, giving all the usual chances of winning. The only difference is it comes for free, that is why it is so sought after.

It actually is one of the most popular form of online casino bonus these days!

How to get Free spins?

There are at least 4 ways to receive free spins for different slots among different casino.

    1. The first one is to identify an ongoing promotion (with or without a promo code) which will activate Free spins mode for a certain game.

      For example, you see advertised: Use promo code 2021 to get 10 free spins for Lord of the ocean. That would mean that once you enter the “2021” in the respective field of the online casino in question, you are all set up. Next step would be to find the game (Lord of the ocean in this case) and upon loading it you will see a message that you have 10 rounds of free spins. So you can start play straight away.

      Note, that such codes may work with or without a requirement for a deposit. Getting free spins without a deposit in an online casino happens rarely, so player should be really happy if they spot such an offer. The usual bonus of this type goes as: Deposit X amount and get X Free spins. Which means that after you deposit, you will be eligible for the mentioned number of Free spins for a certain game.

    2. Secondly there might be Free spins for wagering.

      Which means that if you deposit and play long enough in order to meet wagering requirements you become eligible for some Free spins for a certain game. These wagering requirements are usually described as X times the amount of your deposit. For example, if you deposit $20 and the wagering requirement is X20, that would mean you need to wager $400. Which do not definitely suggest spending 400, because as you play your balance goes up and down and so on.

      Once these wagering is met, you just load the mentioned game and you should be able to see the Free spins loaded, waiting for you.

    3. Another way to receive Free spins is by clicking on a banner or link that advertises them. In this case the casino identifies you as a visitor from the website it is advertised and automatically credits the free spins.

      Attention! This will only work if you click on the link/banner. If you see that a certain casino is advertised and just loads its address in a separate browser, this will not work, because the casino now does not “know” where you were referred from.

Together with all described it is always possible, and maybe most frequently encountered, to receive free spins while playing a slot. 90% of the modern slot have this bonus, so while you are playing you just get a winning combo on the screen, which, instead of money win, sends the player to free spins mode. In other words, you continue your gameplay, but in the sweetest mode – without paying for that! This is what makes free spins so desired and exciting.

Free spins included or not, always have in mind that the ultimate fun of online casino games goes hand in hand with responsible and disciplined gaming! Chase fun, not wins!