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Why Casino? Why Online Casino? History and facts.

Posted at: 14/10/2021

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Casino History

The pure need for adrenaline and entertainment is quite natural for humankind. It’s been taking various kinds of shapes, ever since humans exist. In constant search for something new and unexplored, people have always been inventing and trying new adventures to feed their evolving needs. Check out our article “Why Casino? Why Online Casino? History and facts.

The first casino

The first official casino building is reported to have been established way back in 17th century in Italy. It offered various types of gambling games, many of which had been already played in homes and friendly gatherings for decades, even centuries before that.

Interesting fact is that some sources say Roman legionnaires used to play a strange game of chance, spinning their shields on the ground. Reminding of something? That’s right, some say this was the grand-grandmother of modern roulette game.


The first casino received huge interest in short period of type, clearly indicating this will be a revolutionary form of entertainment and business. Progress was on its way and soon many more casino halls were opened, all around the world. New games and various forms of gambling started to appear frequently. Millions of people attended these places in search for adrenaline and fun.


A cornerstone in this evolution was the invention of the first slot machine. Most sources say it happened in 19th century in the USA. The reason for its speedy popularity was the interesting look of this strange machine and the simplicity of the game play. Watching the spinning reels was something unseen. Combined with the thrill of a potential win easily explains the tremendous popularity these types of games have been experiencing ever since.

Las Vegas

The legendary sin city, established in 20th century, can be defined as another corner stone in the general history of gambling. It presented the idea of having spacy casino halls with luxurious equipment and special treatment of customers. Combined with first class hotel accommodation and all kinds of perks. Having tens of these in a single city was a revolution itself. It was not a surprise to anyone that soon the total turnover of money excessed millions.

Present days and Online

Nowadays there are casinos and different types of gaming halls in almost every town in the world, where gambling is legalized.

The natural and expected next stage in development of this powerful industry was Online. Just like almost everything in the world started to slowly go online. It was during the nineties of the 20 centuries when the first step was taken.

In the beginning of internet technologies and popularity a website appeared where it was possible to play some very simple slots and roulette games. Understandably, the online payments were hardly popular back then and playing for real money wasn’t that much enjoyed.

But the smart people behind these projects had no doubts of what the future holds and continued their investments in casino technologies at full throttle.

2000 – present days

The inevitable happened in the first years of the present century. Thousands of people all around the world started to play online. Many new tech companies decided to get involved in this promising business. The first specialized game providers started to show on the surface. It was more than clear that ahead lies a boom.

Online payments and depositing to a casino cashier

Back then the popularity of online payments also started to become strong. People began to realize how easy and convenient it was to pay for some service or goods by just using your credit card numbers or your e-wallet like Paypal or Skrill.

This revolution in e-payments was actually predicted by the online casino companies. There have even been cases where one and the same company offers solutions for online payments and also e-casino products.

Nowadays there’s already even a more innovative way to pay online. Payment or depositing via crypto currency already has millions of fans. The pros of this type of exchanging funds are indisputable.

The time for massive spread had begun!

Playing for real money has always been a significant part of the whole experience. With easy depositing online, nothing was to stop the exploding popularity of online casinos. With just several clicks a customer’s cashier is loaded and there he is – enjoying all types of modern and intriguing casino games, while sitting in his chair at home. Hundreds and hundreds of new e-casinos began to appear every month. Game providers also quadrupled in numbers and started to offer amazing effects, graphics, various slot themes, sounds.

Time for regulation and licensing

With tens of thousands of online players, enjoying casino games every day, it was understandable that national authorities began to notice. Gambling in general is sensitive and customers’ protection from authorities is logical to expect. Just like offline casino activities are regulated, in the period 2000 – 2015 many countries started to introduce legislations on online gambling. In other words – if some company wants to offer such services it must respond to certain requirements.

Additionally, it is to be responsible for its activities in front of a certain national authority (usually gambling commission).

N.B. There are regulations in many countries in the world, however this doesn’t stop tens of online casinos to operate without any license. That is why we always advise users to check the bottom of the casino of their choice for any information regarding regulations and licenses. Playing on a licensed casino means customers can feel protected and much more secure.

Live Casino Online, the next level of the evolution

Around the second decade of the new millennium, a product amazed the world. It offered the whole experience of playing in a casino and interacting with live dealers, while sitting at home in your sofa. This is the so called Live casino, which actually streams directly from a real land based casino and uses cutting edge technologies. Player can see the real roulette spinning and at the same time chat with the dealer. Many describe Live casino as the next big thing in the e-gambling world.

In resume.

Customers nowadays can choose among hundreds of good casinos, offering various types of bonuses, promotions, free spins for slots and many more. Usually the choice of games is so rich that there’s a good game for every imaginable taste out there. No matter what is your casino and game of choice, never forget that casino experience must be taken purely as a way of entertainment. Play for the fun of it and do not chase wins. Responsible gaming is the only proven way to ultimate, unspoiled fun. Play responsibly on a licensed casino and enjoy your experience. Good luck! 🍀