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How to Pick Your Online Slot?

Posted at: 11/09/22

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Nowadays online players can choose among hundreds of good online casinos on the web, each of them offering several thousands of modern games. Most of them are the slots, the modern successor of this corner stone of land-based casinos. No matter If you are a seasoned player or a beginner, this abundance can be confusing and users often find themselves lost in this ocean of online casino games. Nothing to worry, however. With the little piece of knowledge in the lines below, you will be able to confidently choose the game/s which most suit your requirements and style.


Behind each online slot out there, there’s a provider, also called game studio or game producers. You’ll often see the brand logo in the initial moments when the game is loading. Usually, casinos partner with 50-100 game providers, each of them listing 20-200 individual games.

The first filter that players can apply is checking the providers list and tick the relevant box, so that only games from one specific providers will be displayed. This will narrow down the immense choice. Naturally, here comes the next question:

How to pick a provider?

Basically all providers which are listed are reliable and their games are of good quality. What you can do is browse among the listed names and check for something which sounds familiar. Some of the most popular slot providers presently are

So, instead of just looking at thousands of slots at the screen and wondering what and how to pick, the first step can be to sort them by provider, which will definitely make the choice shorter and easier. If the first set of slots doesn’t grab your eye, you can untick the provider and tick the next one. This way, fast and easy you will soon be able to pick a game which just for your taste.

What to look for when you see all these games on the screen?

Most players are likely to pick an online slot, based on its theme. Most games are based on largely popular entertainment products like movies, comic books, video games, music bands, sports teams, etc. So, chances are while you are looking at random on all listed casino games, you notice your favorite TV show or the boxing player you support, or your loved football club etc.

For example, Narcos slot by Netent , Jimi Hendrix, or Jumanji.

The combination of playing a real casino game with something favorite from the non-casino world is what brings most thrill for online players.

Review of the best online slots on our website

Slot Name RTP Volatility Jackpot Free Spins
Book of Dead 96.21% High 5000x bet Yes
Rise of Olympus 96% High 5000x bet Yes
Bonanza 96% High 14000x bet Yes
Book of Ra Deluxe 95.1% Medium 5000x bet Yes

Choosing based on RTP, Free spins and Buy feature.

That would be another criterion to help users make their best choice. Everybody is keen on Free spins, so it makes sense to check the casino’s ongoing bonuses. Usually they go together with certain amount of free spins for a specific game. For example: 100% bonus + 50 Free spins for Book of dead. In this case, it’s more than natural to play the mentioned game and take advantage of what’s there for free. If you do enjoy these type of spins, you can always look for slots which offer Buy feature.

Buy feature allows you to pay for free spins. For instance, paying 10$ as a deposit may get you 20 Free spins for the game in question. “So, they are not free anymore?” some may say. Yes and no. Not entirely free, since you’ve bought them, however still carrying the perks and bonuses which often differentiate free spins from regular ones, where you pay for every single spin.

Return to player (RTP) percentage

RTP and Volatility of slots are factors which may help players to find the most suitable online slots. Most of the games nowadays have RTP of above 95%. In simple words, that would mean that if, for example the RTP is 96% for every 100$ wagered, 96$ of them will be paid back to player.

N.B.! Naturally this is on average and wouldn’t mean that the player cannot hypothetically make this 100 bucks a thousand or lose all of them.

It’s a good idea to check every slot’s RTP in advance, which is usually described in the game menu or details. On the other hand, it’s good to know that decent licensed casinos cannot afford to place a slot which has lower than usual RTP, since they risk losing credibility and fall behind the heavy competition. That is why most modern online slots that you will find listed have very similar RTPs of 95-97%.

Volatility refers to the frequency and the amount of expected winnings. In very short – the higher the volatility – the bigger winnings can be expected, but with lower frequency. As a general principle, slots with higher volatility are more suitable for player who tend to play with higher levels of risk.

All that being said, what’s the best first step?

No question it’s always more than advisable to try something before buying. The good news here is the vast majority of good online slots have demo versions where players can experience the real deal, spending play money, instead of real funds. That is why this must definitely be your first step – just trying as many slots as possible in play mode and picking the one which mostly match your requirements. Then, if you prefer, you can always deposit and play for real cash.

A great deal of the new and popular casino games is available entirely for free in our Free slots , where you can also apply filters for providers, theme, volatility and more.

In summary:

  • Browse among slots which are in demo mode and can be played without using real money. Make a short list of games you like.
  • Check for offers with Free spins in the casinos you have registration with. Perhaps there will be intersection with your ready shortlist.
  • Make sure you will play mainly for fun and do not spend more than you can afford to lose. The golden principle of satisfying casino play goes hand in hand with responsible gaming!
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