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Setting Deposit Limits in Online Casinos

Posted at: 12/03/22

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We’ve heard a lot spoken and written on the importance of responsible gaming. But just knowing it and thinking about it while playing wouldn’t do much. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful tricks to actually be disciplined and enjoy casino games in a responsible manner.

Setting deposit limits per day, weekly or per month.

This is the most solid and widely used way to keep things under control and play without pressure. Some online casinos have this option available in account settings. User just need to go there and choose among setting daily, weekly or monthly limit (or custom period in some occasions).

So, how it actually works:

If you set, for example, a daily deposit limit $50, once you try to deposit more the system wouldn’t allow you. It’s valid for totality, rather than a single deposit. So if you already have 5 deposits of $10 each, the system will reject any following deposits, thus preventing you from losing control, trying to recover for losing session, etc.

This can be done also for weekly or monthly basis. So if you set, for example $100, for a week, again – you can count on the system to prevent you from depositing more.

Licensed online casinos take responsible gaming very seriously so, if the limit is properly set, one can feel comfortable there will be no errors and it is in action.

In cases where deposit limit is not shown as an option in Account settings, users can contact customer support and ask for manual adjustment of this limits. Once again, if it’s a reputable casino site, they will be happy to assist and to apply this limit.

Note: Often times, it is tempting to cancel this limit and it feels like that a big winning is just around the corner and you just need to deposit and play a little more to grab it. WRONG! To cancel previously set deposit limit in such occasion is a huge mistake. It is an indication that things are getting out of control. This will lead to nothing, but more nervous play with higher stakes and spoiled fun.

Setting limit for specific game or game provider

That’s a good solution in case you feel likeliness for addiction to specific game or several games by the same provider. Not all casinos offer this, but you can certainly ask customer support for options or check the game menu itself. Once ON such limit will let you play, say, no more than $20 daily for the game in question or for all games by the specified provider. It’s a good tool for responsible gaming, but certainly less “safe”’ than deposit limits.

Temporary closure

A very good option for disciplined play is having a break for a certain period from casino entertainment for some time. This can be done for any kind of periods – from 1 day to 1 year and usually players just need to contact Customer support and specify the period. Definitely a smart move for anyone who feels that spending time and money playing online is becoming a little too much.


This is the highest level of limiting someone from playing and many users apply it, once they’ve realized online gambling is not their thing and they tend to lose control. It’s an indication of common sense, discipline and strong will. Again, the procedure is simple – player will just have to contact Support and ask to be self-excluded. Any decent online casino will honor such request and close the account shortly. In this cases It’s also advisable to ask for deletion of your contact details, so that you will be excluded from following marketing activity from the casino. Once self-excluded the account by no means can be reopened again.

In summary:

Setting deposit limits and sticking to them is a sign of mature play and discipline. The initial will to set it is an indicator for sensibility and real assessment of the fact that gambling is fun, but can be addictive. It’s proven to be one of the best guarantees for responsible gaming. Many users might think they are disciplined enough and there’s no reason to set this type of limit. It’s an incorrect belief and we advise everyone to have these types of limits set.

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