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What is autoplay in Slots and shall we use it?

Posted at: 02/05/22

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Opinions vary about the function of autoplay in slots at a casino, and its use. Some might highly appreciate autoplay slots, and prefer those against such that do not incorporate the option, while others don’t care much about it. Let’s see some of the benefits and drawbacks, so as you may form your own stance on the subject.

What is autoplay in slots?

First off, let’s explain what this feature means in autoplay slots. What it does, is to run the spins automatically, without the player pressing the knob for each new round. This attribute is accessible through an onscreen button in base game mode. When opted for, the casino game offers settings, which may differ between slots online, but we’ll describe the most. The basic options you should encounter in casino slot games, are the number of spins, fetching up to 1000, if no bet setting, the one from the main screen will apply, and loss limit setting.

The last is available in most cases, but not all, however we’ll come back to that latter. More advanced settings may offer single win limit, stop on feature won (i.e. bonus round, video slots, free spins, Jackpot etc.), stop on any win, stop if cash increases by / decreases by a certain amount, turbo spin, skip special effects and more. The answer of “What is autoplay in slots?” should already be more clear – the main idea is to adjust your preferred settings and let the slot game run without further interaction, and just sit watching.


One reason for the use of autoplay in slots, is to spare your efforts of pressing the button again and again. This could be useful if, i.e. you are busy with anything else while at home, and you won’t miss your online gambling session that you’ve awaited highly. If exercising a bit of a sense of humor, we may think of the dreamscape of earning money, while having your sleep. But joke aside, this is strongly not recommended.

Apart from the above, you could spend a part of your session in auto mode, when feeling a bit tired of staring in the screen, awaiting a pay out, and just relax while the game is running, like for example hoping for a bonus round. Another reason is if you’re playing any of the slot machines online, offering a Progressive Jackpot. In that case the autoplay, with turbo spin and skip special effects on, will reduce your game cycle duration. Thus speed up your entire play, so as to outrun other competitors for the Jackpot.


It should be kept in mind with autoplay gambling, often slots online don’t offer a loss limit setting, especially as the number of spins indeed could reach 1000. If this has remained unnoticed or any “stop if ” settings have been neglected, you may spend your balance rather fast, resulting in a really unpleasant surprise. The availability of appropriate options in autoplay slots, the careful adjustment of those, are of high importance.

Secondly, I wouldn’t call playing slots at an online casino, an exhausting exercise, so just to avoid efforts to press the knob, doesn’t seem as a serious reason. Of course, once again, taking rounds of active gaming, combined with periods of relaxation, with reasonable auto settings, awaiting more special feature triggered, sounds as a good idea. Another point to add is, if some engagement prevents you from playing, it may be a better choice postponing your online gambling session.

Besides entertaining yourself during such, your attention should be dedicated as well into adjusting your wager strategies as it suits you and your balance. And honestly, in order to compete with other players for a Progressive Jackpot, by means of turbo spin and skip special effects of autoplay slots, you really must feel this is one of the luckiest days for you, so that the Jackpot has “decided” to land just that day.

In summary

As per some researches, lots of people use the autoplay function of slots at a casino. There are indeed occasions when it’s quite handy. However, in all cases it’s very important that the appropriate settings are available and tuned, for the right control. And lastly, the experience of the almost instant, like in a glimpse, stop of the spin, particularly in the turbo mode, might not suit everybody’s taste. Most slot games developers take into consideration, at least for providing a moment for a more of a natural feeling in between rounds, even in turbo mode. However there are such, which lack any of the kind in their overall autoplay function, which may not deliver much of a joyful play.

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